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Car Driving Simulator Games

Car Driving Simulator Games

Best car driving simulator games with free download links. Games like City car driving are completely given away for free! Enjoy!

One of the most real 3D online car game

One of the most real 3D online car game

One of the most real 3D online car game I saw so far is Formula Racing produced by miniclip.com. I think is the best 3D graphics I saw on a flash online game. The main purpose, as you would expect, is to race and to cross first the finish line.

You can see the welcome screen above.As you can see the 3D feeling is there and I can tell you that you do feel it in the game. Give it a try here. The game design is nice and the race car is responding in time. The biggest plus is the graphic, but you’ll see other good points.You can choose a quick race or you can get in a tournament.If you choose the quick race you’ll be able to pick a car, a track and how many laps you want to race (1 to 5).

You can race on 5 different tracks and each and every one has unique characteristic like: rain, night etc. Also you have 4 different race cars: Winner, Runner, Speeder and Basher. The cars have unique characteristics too, so choose the one that suits you best.

If you choose the tournament type of racing you will not be able to choose a track because you will have to compete on every track the game has (5 tracks), but you’ll still be able to choose your favorite racing car.

Talking about the driving experience, you can see the car as the first person driver or as the second one. One of its rival games City car driving simulator is used to beat the franchise in first choice.

But right after when many hackers used to crack city car driving by giving away free activation key. This wonderful game simulator became even more played among the car driving simulator enthusiasts.

Play both modes and you’ll find out quick which one is the best for you. I like the 2nd person view because I can see the hole car from behind.The biggest minus of the game is the fact that you don’t have the pause or menu button. This is why you’ll have to start all over again or to crash your formula1 car to go back to the main menu.

Another minus is that yo don’t have a rear mirror, so you can’t see when the opponents are getting closer.After playing a while, in my opinion this is one flash game that is a must play game. The 3D feeling is nice, there is no violence and is relaxing.

You can play the game online on websites that have 3D car games.

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